Department of Horticulture

Government Holkar (Model Autonomous) Science College, Indore (M.P.), INDIA

(NAAC Accredited "A" Grade College)

Established: 1891

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    Career & Opportunities    

Horticulture is the branch of agriculture dealing with the science, art, and business of plants cultivation, especially those considered edible and ornamental.  The field also covers conservation of plants and their restoration, landscaping, design and also construction.

Horticulturists can apply their knowledge, skills, and technological expertise for intensively producing plants for personal and also social needs. A horticulturist also works for propagation of plants and cultivation for improvement in plant growth and yield, nutritional values, quality, insect resistance and diseases.

Horticulturists take up professions such as gardeners, growers, designers, therapists, and technical advisors in the field of horticulture.  Taking up a bachelors degree in Horticulture or Agricultural science after Class XII makes one eligible and hence a background in biology is a must. Many students also complete Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Agriculture is a basic and important need for human being, there is more in the field. The career options in horticulture involves production and sales, work in Public Gardens, Marketing, Researchdevelopment, Teaching, Agricultural engineering, Landscape design, construction management and Pest management etc.