Department of Computer Science

Government Holkar (Model Autonomous) Science College, Indore (M.P.), INDIA

(NAAC Accredited "A" Grade College)

Established: 1891

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    Career & Opportunities    

Computers have become a ubiquitous part of modern life, and new applications are introduced every day. The use of computer technologies is also commonplace in all types of organizations, in academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations. As computers become even more pervasive, the potential for computer-related careers will continue to grow and the career paths in computer-related fields will become more diverse.

The career opportunities for computer science graduates can be classified into seven categories: programming and software development, information systems operation and management, telecommunications and networking, computer science research, web and Internet, graphics and multimedia, training and support, and computer industry specialists. Some careers require additional formal training or study, and experience working in the field. For example, an MBA degree is helpful to management consultants, a course work in biology and biochemistry is needed for bioinformatics specialists, and an advanced degree in computer science is usually required for data miners.

Career Opportunities for Computer Science Majors

    Programming and Software Development


    Systems analyst

    Software engineer

    Systems programmer

    Database analyst

    Artificial Intelligence programmer

    Scientific applications programmer

    User interface designer

    Embedded systems application programmer

    Information Systems Operation and Management


    Electronic data processing (EDP) auditor

    Database administrator

    Systems administrator

    Computer security specialist

    Management/IT consultants

    Information systems manager

    Chief information officer (CIO)

    Telecommunications and Networking

    Network engineer/consultant

    Network administrator

    Computer Science Research


    Computer scientist/researcher

    Computer science professor

    Artificial Intelligence researcher

    Data miner

    Bioinformatics specialist

    Medical imaging specialist

    Web and Internet


    Internet applications programmer

    Internet consultant


    Internet advertising designer

    Graphics and Multimedia


    Animation/Special effects developer

    Multimedia developer

    Computer game designer/programmer

    Electronic sound producer

    Training and Support


    Technical support representative

    Trainer, software applications

    Technical writer

    Computer Industry Specialists


    Systems integrator

    IT recruitment consultant

    IT sales professional

    Journalist, computer-related publications