Department of Botany

Government Holkar (Model Autonomous) Science College, Indore (M.P.), INDIA

(NAAC Accredited "A" Grade College)

Established: 1891

    Thought of the Day    

" In a gentle way, you can shake the world ""

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

    Career & Opportunities    

Botany provides a wide range of carrier opportunities in research, industries, teaching, self employment, forest services and many more other fields. Botany as a subject gives an idea about all the groups of plants therefore it inclines students and readers towards conservation of nature. Following are the opportunities where Botany students can search their jobs-

  1. Research- Post graduate students of Botany may opt M. Phil /Ph.D. course for advance studies through entrance exams of various universities.

They may also be selected in IARI, ICAR, CDRI, Sugarcane research institute, Coimbatour , Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack, CFTRT, Mysore, Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd., Pune through entrance exam.

  1. Forest services- Post graduate students of Botany have opportunities in forest services through PSC, UPSC and other examinations. They may opt research institutes of forest department such as FRI, Dehradun, SFRI Jabalpur and IIFM, Bhopal.
  2. PG students of this subject may start their own business in mushroom cultivation, Bonsai, seed marketing, floriculture, material collection and distribution etc..
  3. They may work as a consultant in Garden development, planning and beautification of roads and other public places.
  4. They may start their own coaching classes for self employment.
  5. They may start NGOs related to environmental awareness and conservation of nature.
  6. They may also get jobs in industries like-


  • Paper Industry- Paper is prepared from the pulp of plants. At news print paper  mill, Nepa Nagar  Boswellia serrata was used as source of pulp but now this trees is not available in plenty. Its natural regeneration is difficult. Botanists have to find out alternative sources of pulp and propagate Boswellia by tissue culture. There is scope of the search of alternative sources of pulp. Paper is the basic need of every country not only for writing and printing work but also for making of currency notes.
  • Match Box Industry- In this industry, light wood is require, which is obtained from plants like Bombax, Pinus, Picea etc. At present all these trees are decreasing hence we have to search for alternate trees to be used in this industry.
  • Fibre Industry- Grasim mill, Nagda is preparing viscose fibre which is semi synthetic. Natural part comes from pulp of old rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) tree from which latex has extracted. It is observed that 100 % latex free pulp is not possible. Some amount of latex is left in the pulp which invites several saprophytic bacteria and fungi causing rotting of pulp. If we can search such      fungi which will eat away the remnants         of    latex   left in the pulp, it will   be a method of bio control to overcome this problem. Use of chemicals results in pollution.
  • Preparation of  Documentary films- Films can be prepared on interesting plants like , Parthenium, Cotton, Opium, Poppy and Medicinal Plants as well as ornamental plants so that common people can know about the plants and develop their  own interests in them.
  • Botanical survey of India- BSI has head quarters at different places. Few students of Holkar Science College are already serving there. In future more students can apply.
  • Botanical Gardens- These are Govt. of India undertakings, where students of Botany get appointment.
  • National Botanical laboratory- This laboratory is maintained by Govt. of India. It is situated at Lucknow and has job opportunities for Botany students.
  • Central Salt & Marine Research station Mammalapuram (Near Rameshwaram)- This Research station looks after the manufacture of agar agar from Gracilaria, Gelidium   etc. Here also students of Botany have the opportunities for appointment.

Institute of oceanography, Goa- This Institute  looks after culturing useful algae and BGA such as Spirulina as cheap source of protein. Few firms are marketing  Spirulina as powder and tablets.