Govt. [Model, Autonomous] Holkar Science College, Indore

शा. (आदर्श, स्वशासी) होलकर विज्ञान महाविद्यालय, इन्दौर

(NAAC Accredited "A" Grade College)

Established: 1891

    Conferences / Seminars / Workshops / Symposia     

Holkar Science College is committed to promote research, consultancy and extension activities. A separate cell has been entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining an atmosphere which is conducive to the development of research in the college as envisaged in the college research policy. The college has been organizing a number of seminars/work shops/conferences with the financial assistance from the UGC & MPCST. In cases where such grant was not available the college used its own resources to organize these events.

Conference/Seminar Organised By Date More Details

National Seminar on Application of Biological Science for Human Welfare
Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore

Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore 30-31 Mar 2015

National Workshop on In-Silico Statistical Tools and Their Applications in Bio-Sciences14th-19th March, 2015
Dept. of Statistics, Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore

Dept. of Statistics, Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore 14-19 Mar 2015

National Workshop On Contribution of India in the development of Mathematics
9826441994 (Dr.Ravindra Garg)

Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore 10-12 Jan 2015

3rd Women Science Congress and National Seminar on Women Empowerment & their Role in Sustainable Development of India
9826292093 (Dr. Pradeep Sharma)

Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore, Vigyan Bharti, MPCST & ISROSET (Technically Support) 28-29 Dec 2014

National Seminar on Role of Ethenobotany in Conservation of Nature
9425384421(Dr. Vishnu Gadgil)

Dept. of Geology, Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore and MPCST, Bhopal 23-24 Mar 2012

National Seminar on Recent Trends in Chemical and Biological Sciences
9425903517 (Dr Rooplekha Vyas)

Dept. of Chemistry, Govt. Holkar Science Collge, Indore 13-15 Jan 2012

Topological Modeling of log D7.4 of Hydroxylated Aromatic Aldehydes

Dr. Sunita Patel Hardia Page no: 1 to 5 01-01 Jan 1970

Modeling of sulfonamide using NMR chemical shift by QSDAR Method

Dr. Asmita Sharma, Anubha Vijay Pandya 01-01 Jan 1970

The Energy of Chemical Graphs Related to Nanostructures in the Case of Alternate Polycyclic Conjugated Hydrocarbons and its computation

Dr. Rushina Natu 01-01 Jan 1970

Spectroscopic Analysis of Conducting Polymeric Material

Dr. Anubha Vijay Pandya¬ and Rati Trivedi Nair 01-01 Jan 1970

Extraction and Bulk Liquid Membrane Transport of Charbohydrate ,Glucose, Fructose, Lactose Across Artificial Liquid Membrane System Using Anthraquinone Derived Podands

Dr. Anshumala Vani, Uma Sharma 01-01 Jan 1970

Pesticide Residues in Vegetable and Fruits

Dr. Bhandari Ranu 01-01 Jan 1970

Carbon-Di-Sulphide an Environmental Issue with Reference to Health and Concentration in Study

Dr. Archana Kushwaha 01-01 Jan 1970